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Class Action Lawsuit preparation is underway. Case 3 and Case 4
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We have 70+ units of owners united now!
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Information about class-action... updated at 1:00 AM

29th April, 2014
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Emerald City 1 Class Action
Charney Lawyers agreed to commence the class-action against builder and a database will be set up shortly on Charney Lawyers' website to track purchasers who would participate in this class-action.

Contact us  e-mail: condoeh@gmail.com
To join the Class Action please email me following info: Your name, suite number, tel, which class action case you like to join.

Please share this info to others unit owners http://www.condoeh.com/EC1.html

We need the evidence, if you have the material please email me.

Subway Accessibility

Subway Access Subway Access

No Underground Access to Fairview Mall

In just a week of time, nealy 15% of unit onwers are join the up coming Class-Action.
A suggestion of Class-Action Lawyer from Wendy
They are the lawyers involved in Festival Tower class action and from their website, it seems they have the expertise in dealing with class action. And more importantly, where is NO FEE if we don't recover, which means the worst case is that we may end up nothing from the builder, but at least, we fight for what we really deserve! And their legal fees are calculated as 20-30% of the recovered compensation, indicating our best is also their best interest. http://www.charneylawyers.com/MatrixClassAction.php
I can't even find a place to take photos to show everyone but from the book we all have a copy.
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Contact us: condoeh@gmail.com